2019 Buddha's vegetable and vegetable department "粽" met you in the hot pre-order


Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon

This year's Dragon Boat Festival was jointly developed by the departmental teachers to promote health and hygiene, and led the vegetarian students to stir-fry together;
Each oyster is rich in dietary fiber, and it is specially reduced in fat and low in fat.

There are two flavors this year!!!!✌️✌️✌️
1. citron monkey mushroom 糯 (long glutinous rice, red glutinous rice, monkey head mushroom, chestnut, peanut, wheat horn, shiitake mushroom, fragrant sauce)

2. Grain health 粽 (long glutinous rice, grain rice, chickpea, rice bean, vegetable bud, oyster mushroom, shiitake mushroom, olive dish)

Each string of 6 is priced at 270 yuan, and the teaching staff is priced at 240 yuan.
The two flavors are limited to 50 strings each! Until the end of the sale~

Pre-order deadline: 2011.05.24 (5)
Pickup date: 2011.05.31 (five)
Pick up time: 12:00-17:00 pm
Pick up location: Basement of Xiangyunju, Foguang University
Pick up method: pick up payment

Pre-order URL:
Related contact information: 039871000 ext. 22101 Miss Zeng Yuting
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