Good food class / want to buy less food additives, how to pick?

  • 2019-04-22
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Turning on the food label, a bunch of dense chemical names, is it not safe for you? What exactly are these food additives doing? Is it safe? If you want to buy a product without food additives, how to pick it?

With this column, the good food class will let everyone quickly understand the food additives, and what is the Clean Label clean label that is being discussed all over the world! ? Let the dietitian teach you to choose safe and secure food!

What are the food additives that everyone is worried about? What to do? Can food safety be guaranteed?

Figure / good food class offer
Figure / good food class offer
Food additives are substances that are added to foods to help "quality". In simple terms, they are foods that make food safer, more savory and stable.

Taiwan has very strict food additive management regulations. These food additives have undergone toxicological tests and have adopted dietary habits to develop "daily allowable intake" and "use limit".

Therefore, under the legal and combined use, these incomprehensible chemicals are actually low-risk and safe!

Under the regulations of food safety regulations, there are 18 kinds of legal food additives in Taiwan, more than 800. The common types and functions of food additives are:

➤ Preservatives: inhibit bacterial growth, ensure food safety...etc.

香料 Spice color: make food more beautiful and delicious...etc.

乳化 Emulsifier: Let oil and water not separate, the quality is more stable...etc.

漂白 Bleach: Make food whiter, in line with consumer expectations...etc.

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