The College and Luodong Town Changzhao 2.0 Policy Advocacy and Study Program "Eating in Good Health"

  • 2017-01-25
  • Digital Ruling
The Luodong Town Office of the Public Security Office is scheduled to hold about 10 long-term 2.0 policy announcements and study activities from May to October in the community activities center. On the 18th, the "Food in Good Health" event will be held at the Zhulin Community Activity Center. Inviting community members and parents to participate in the work, and to implant the long-serving service seeds from the most familiar and close-knit life bases, to provide the most convenient service window for the people.
This activity is to implement the comprehensive concept of social welfare for the well-being of "Mr. Risheng's Full Care, Welfare Luodong Monopoly" and to build the community that is the closest and most convenient for the people. Take care of the system to maximize its effectiveness.

In order to increase and activate the energy of community care, and to provide rich and energetic and more professional and younger service resources, Professor Yang Lingling, Dean of the Ecology Industry College of Yilan Foguang University, was invited as the keynote speaker to lead his outstanding students into the community, especially for the Lunar New Year. Before the "Food in Good Health" campaign, we will teach the public to use the local seasonal ingredients to make nutritious and healthy dishes, and promote disease prevention and education, promote physical fitness, etc. The long-term care welfare network for the community of the elderly.

This activity also hopes to attract and nurture more young professional service manpower, provide a heart for the community's care, work together to build a healthy community, and gradually establish a comprehensive community long-serving service network in Luodong Town, so that Luodong Town The elderly can get proper care.

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