Yilan County Government 108 years of youth career exploration camp - foresee the future, unlimited wonderful

  • 2019-04-30
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The purpose of the battalion team: The Yilan County Government will promote the youth to explore the career horizon in advance, reduce the future study or employment exploration period, and apply for the "108 Youth Career Exploration Camp" for three days and two nights, from career exploration and career planning. Write a curriculum vitae, interview skills and mock interviews, employment rights, interpersonal communication and presentation skills, project management and practical skills, team motivation courses, experience sharing for successful workplaces, and other multi-disciplinary courses to help young people prepare their careers.
(1) Processing time
1. The first step (high school group): 7/3 (three), 7/4 (four), 7/5 (five)
2. The second step (the tertiary group): 7/17 (three), 7/18/(four), 7/19 (five)
3. Every three days and two nights, you must attend and stay.
(II) Processing location: Luodong Kapok Club: No. 32, Lane 150, Section 3, Fu Nong Road, Luodong Town, Yilan County
(3) Applicants: Young people aged 15~24, taking Yilan County as a priority, about 55 people per step
1. The first step (high school group): It is suitable for 15~18 years old, high school, high school students or age-appropriate youth.
※Under 18 years old, you must pay parental consent
2. The second step (college group): It is a priority for young people who are 18~24 years old, higher than three or age-appropriate.
(4) Registration method:
1. The Internet is called the main:
2. Fax registration is named as auxiliary: registration form such as attachment
E1080423 Camp
(5) Registration period:
1. From now on, the high school team will be at 12:00 noon to 5/29 (3), and 12:00 noon to 6/9 (day).
2. After the registration deadline, the list must be reported to the organizer for approval. The list will be notified by phone and MAIL. If the amount is full, the list will be closed in advance.
(6) Course fee: Free of charge for the whole process. Upon admission, you must pay a security deposit of 500 yuan according to the prescribed date, and remit it to the designated account of the organizer. The whole process will be fully refunded during the training.
(7) Training certificate: Participate in the whole course and get the training certificate of Youth Career Expedition Camp issued by Yilan County Government
(8) Student insurance: Student travel insurance is paid by the camp fee
(9) Curriculum planning:
Course content: including career development, workplace experience sharing, resume and interview skills, team motivation courses, communication expression, career center theater and other employment enhancement courses to help you explore yourself, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and show yourself.

NO NO second step - college group (pre-scheduled)
1  Participants report / meet each other (7/17 am 09:00 report)
2 Self-understanding and career planning - with scientific test tools
3  career problem diagnosis - professional career consultant personally
4  Interpersonal relationship and communication
5 people's party (breaking you and me)
6 Team Power Course (Professor of Career)
7 Latest employment market trends and corporate employment strategies
8 Workplace success experience sharing- Invite well-known business executives to share
9 party - career theme creative show
10 Professional image shaping + workplace etiquette + labor rights
11  resume writing and interviewing skills (showing your personal strengths)
12  Job Interview Simulation Team Competition
13  Completion ~ Certificate of Completion
14  Return to 7/19 PM 05:40

※The organizer reserves the right to adjust the course
(10) Contact the special line:
Organizer: Career Employment Information (02) 2703-1250#321 Lin Xinmei or 392 Zhang Yu
※ Welcome to join the following line: @ fhn4530d, keep track of the event announcements and the latest workplace information provided by the organizer.
E1060510-line@fhn4530d (002)