2018 Foguang Cup International Vegetable & Culinary Challenge~ Welcome everyone to come and celebrate


The school held the first international cooking challenge

2018 Foguang Cup International Vegetable and Food Culinary Challenge officially started running!

The event will be held on December 17th (Monday) in the atrium of Yunqi Building. For the day's activities, the whole school will gather chefs from all walks of life.

The scene may be filled with scent and enthusiasm that is hard to resist, and I am sorry to say that the teachers, students and administrators of Yunqi upstairs class!

In order to let everyone know about the diet and cooking, the event is taught in the kitchen cooking demonstration food. Welcome everyone to watch the famous chefs, but also to watch the enthusiasm of the contestants!

On the day of the event, vegetarian students are also preparing to scream, round and full of red bean dumplings and health tea for everyone to enjoy.

Have something to eat and eat ~~~ Remember to come!

We also cheer for the contestants~
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